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Re, I’m so sorry this shit happened and is still happening. Is it possible t just stop playing L4D with him or even just stop associating with him all together? You don’t need that negativity and fucking disgusting behavior in your life.

It will probably sound horrible, but I’m used to it. The whole horribleness. I blocked him, so I’m not going to communicate with him anymore, but now it’s just a matter of time until some other comes along. They always do.

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  1. whitestrake said: You shouldn’t just resign yourself to dealing with shit heads like that. You’re a pretty cool lady, & should expect a higher caliber of people in your circle of friends. And there’s no reason to put up with it, when it’s folk that vulgar & hateful.
  2. aiago said: Now you’re making me want to fast forward my plans of getting L4D so I can play with you and you can hear me say “things” way too often.
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